Humble Beginnings

They were barely out of high school when Craig Roth, his brother, Scott Roth and their friend, Shane Weaver planted their first Poinsettias in August of 1986. The original facility was purchased by Lee Roth and his sons Craig and Scott Roth. It consisted of 60,000 square feet of gutter connected greenhouse space.

It took five to six years to get established in this business, finding the right fit of products and customers in an ever expanding market was a challenge.

Lee Roth worked very closely with Wachovia bank doubling the size of the Nursery and establishing lines of credit to keep suppliers paid on a timely basis. It took 5 long years before Sunshine Growers made a profit.

The constant quest for efficiency never ends. With the demand from mass retailers to keep prices low and the conditioning of the consumer to be so price conscious, Sunshine Growers faces that challenge everyday.

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Newest Blooms

Citronella Plant

Vegetable Varieties

Assorted vegetable varieties include: Green bell pepper, Banana pepper. Zucchini, Eggplant, Squash, assorted Tomato varieties and Cucumber. All of these prefer....Read More

Pillar Geraniums


Water when soil surface feels dry to the touch. Ideal temperatures are 70-75 degrees F. days and 62-65 degrees F. nights...Read More

Assorted Trellises


Bright, indirect light for half a day will give the best results. Avoid direct, afternoon light which can burn the flowers. Longest life will be obtained at 60 to 65 degrees F...Read More

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