“Everybody needs a little Sunshine.”

Craig Roth was barely out of high school when he and his friends planted their first poinsettias in August of 1986. The original facility was located in Lakeland and purchased by Lee Roth and his sons, Scott and Craig Roth. After years of finding the right products to grow and the customers to buy, the farm expanded to Fort Meade. The purchase on the 34-acre farm was made in 2006 and the property continued their efforts in providing signature plants to a growing client base. Today, Sunshine Growers has 25 hard-working employees and thrives on a high level of service.


Specialty plants, flowers & produce.

From poinsettias and begonias to tomatoes and peppers, Sunshine Growers provides a number of specialty plants, flowers and produce to the wholesale market. Each product is expertly cultivated by growers with years of industry-leading experience.

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